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We are a talented team with innovative strategies and technical expertise.

Sungate Enterprises: Expand Your Horizons

Sungate Enterprises strives to provide an integrated set of IT solutions designed to leverage innovative digital solutions for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond. At Sungate Enterprises, we aim provide businesses with comprehensive IT solutions across a wide spectrum of digital platforms. Our aim is to provide accessibility accross the board, efficiency in process with real world understanding. Power Through Perception!!


Managing Director


Project Manager


UI/UX Designer


Backend Developer


Android Developer


iOS Developer


Quality Analyst

Jayprakash Gajjar

PHP Developer

Our Partner

Sungate Enterprises & DCK Construction have come together to combine and leverage knowledge and experience in their mutual fields to create innovative and powerful platforms that bring a distinct realisation of process and performance in the products produced with real-world application.

Bringing together knowledge of software development, construction, design, functionalities, business intelligence, governmental procedure, and cultural awareness we have grown from strength to strength building strength through a core necessity to bring clarity and function to all around us whether it be the simple workers that build our cities to complex governmental developments and infrastructure departments. Our focuses are simple, effective, effective, accessible systems that are clean, compliant, and complementary to the industry.